This could be a challenging week for some Maine residents, so a little help from their neighbors would be appreciated.

Who Are the Most Vulnerable During Winter Weather?

Maine winters are hard for everyone, with the cold, snow, wind, and dangerous roads. We all struggle with things like preparing for winter storms and clearing the snow, after they're through. So imagine how much tougher it must be for Maine's senior citizens and shut-ins. If they don't have someone looking out for them, it could be downright dangerous. And that's not only during winter storms.

How Can I Help?

It's a Maine joke that, before a storm, everyone goes to the store to get 'the bread and the milk.' But, in truth, we all tend to stock up when we know snow is coming, so check in with the seniors and shut-ins, and ask them if they need anything.

Drop by to say hi and, while you're there, make sure their heat is on. If they have a wood stove or fireplace, is the wood box full? If not, bring some in for them. Let them know that, if they lose power, they should call and let you know. Of course, we know that many won't do that so, if there's a power outage, consider going by to get them and let them hang out at your warm house until the electricity comes back on.

Clearing driveways is another way to help. And don't concentrate only on the driveway, but also clear the walkways to the front and back doors. Even if they can't get out of the house or no longer drive, those pathways need to be clear for emergency responders in case they're needed.

Why Should I Get Involved?

Remember. Someday, you'll be the one needing help.

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