Once I hang up the headphones and sign off the air each week - there's one place you'll find me during a Maine Winter. On the ICE, baby!!!!

The Wolfe Pack always finds a way to enjoy the great outdoors, and our gear is always ready to go when it comes to ice fishing season!  However, it's come to my attention that there is a piece of fishing gear that's often overlooked - a quality pair of shades!

Recently, I heard Papa Wolfe wishing he had better sunglasses that could help him "see the flag of victory" differently. See … differently? Time to help dear ol' Dad - See The Difference - at Mainely Eyes with some new sunglasses!

If you’re looking for a better pair of sunglasses for ice fishing or everyday use, Mainely Eyes has what you’re looking for. And they know that quality goes a long way, especially when it comes to lenses. On those sunny days, the right pair of sunglasses can shield your eyes from the extra-bright sunshine, thanks to a blanket of blinding white snow. Or on cloudy days sunglasses paired with quality polarized lenses make those flags really stand out!

Not to mention, not wearing sunglasses in these conditions can be very harmful for your eyes long-term. Luckily, Mainely Eyes inside the Bangor Mall carries a huge selection of sunglasses, and many are equipped with polarized lenses!

Little did Dad know, I was about to surprise him with a great pair of sunglasses from Mainely Eyes!

Usually Papa Wolfe would be having a hard time seeing the difference between his traps and mine. But when I had him try on a fresh pair of Oakley's from Mainely Eyes, I was glad I got him a pair of his own! Keep your eyes on your own traps, man!

Dad loved how his new polarized Oakley sunglasses brightened up our fishing area on a cloudy day. And on those sunny days, he won't be squinting while he's sure a brookie is going to hit "any minute now."

Safe to say, Papa Wolfe is hooked on Mainely Eyes!

But...the fish are hooked on me!!