The 4th of July is definitely in the background.

Next week we will be smack dab in the middle of ‘ Hotter than July.’

So if I can up the level of sarcasm, let me report that winter is just around the corner. Bear with me.

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Frankie MacDonald is warming up his vocal cords over in Sydney, Nova Scotia, getting ready to keep us updated on the latest storm. Maybe this will knock some of the humidity out of the air.

Happy Friday, enjoy the diversion for a moment and check out this map of our country.

Who needs the Farmers Almanac, or even a meteorologist? We have social media.

If you look at the map around Oklahoma you'll see Northwoods Snowmobiling Facebook imposed on the map. It's not our Northwoods, it's Northwoods Wisconsin. I reached out to them but have not heard back. Who knows? Maybe they know something we don't know. Or maybe they are out snowmobiling.

I'm going to assume that Maine, being purple, means we're getting the most snow in the nation.

But who knows how much. Well, other than Frankie McDonald I mean.

How much snow is pink getting? That's Florida, and Texas and a lot of the southwest. Oh I bet you they're not ready for snow

I'm no weather expert, winter is not my favorite season, but I bet I can predict when it comes to snow this winter we're going to get what we're going to get.

End of discussion, right. At least for now.

Let's not be in too big of a hurry to know the winter snowfall forecast. After all we've got a lot of living to do this summer in Maine

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