It was a rainy election day with a long list of ballot questions to vote on, but people showed up and let their voices be heard.

How Was the Turnout?

It was a rainy day which often discourages voters from showing up at the polls. But the many decisions, including a proposal to create a publicly-owned utility company and a bid to make automobile diagnostics available to independent repair shops, caused people to brave the wet in order to make their voices heard.

What are the Results?

The election results are as follows, according to WGME-TV, as of 5:00 Wednesday morning:

Question 1: Require Voter Approval for $1 Billion in Public Dept - 65% say Yes - 34% say No. Yes wins.

Question 2: Ban Foreign Government Spending on Elections - 86% say Yes - 13% say No. Yes wins.

Question 3: Create Publicly Owned Electric Utility - 69% say No - 30% Say Yes. No wins.

Question 4: Share Vehicle Diagnostic Data with Small Businesses - 84% say Yes - 15% say No. Yes wins.

Question 5: Extend Time to Review Citizen Petitions - 58% say Yes - 41% say No. Yes wins.

Question 6: Include All Sections in Printed Constitution - 73% say Yes - 27% Say No. Yes wins.

Question 7: Repeal Requirement That Petitioners Live in Maine - 68% say No - 31% say Yes. No wins.

Question 8: Restore Voting Rights for People in Guardianship - 53% say No - 46% say Yes. No wins.

All races have been declared closed by the Associated Press. Local election results can be found on WGME-TV.

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