A truck driver from Maine is being called a hero after he saved a man and his dog from a burning car on a Connecticut highway.

What Happened?

So often, people who are hailed for their heroics are just ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances and behave on instinct. That's what happened to a Maine truck driver last month. Charlie Lane was driving his truck to New Jersey when he came across a multi-vehicle crash on I-95 in Fairfield, Connecticut on March 29th. According to News12 Connecticut, Lane noticed no one was standing near the vehicle, so he reacted.

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What Was the Maine Man's Heroic Deed?

Lane positioned his rig so it would protect the burning vehicle from passing traffic when he realized someone was inside. He said he ran to the car and began trying to free the driver, who was dazed by the crash, but had an issue with the seatbelt. Lane told News12 he was very happy when he heard the buckle let go. As he was pulling the driver free of the still-burning car, he noticed movement in the backseat and realized it was a German Shepherd. Lane moved the driver a safe distance from the car and then ran back toward the flames and rescued the dog, Stella, as well.

I done what I'd want someone to do for my family. I'm no hero.

He told News12 that he was scared but it was the right thing to do.

Were the Driver and Dog Okay After the Crash?

Bystanders ran to the scene with fire extinguishers from their vehicles, but were unable to put the fire out, on their own. Firefighters took care of it, when they arrived, but it indicated that the driver would likely have died in the flames, if not for Lane's valiant efforts. As it turned out, both driver and dog had some injuries, but are going to be fine.

Charlie, you may not think you're a hero, but I think the driver and your neighbors in Maine would disagree. The world needs more people like Charlie Lane.

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