Get your furs tagged for free at these spring tagging nights throughout Maine.

Spring fur tagging nights are coming up. Maine trappers who need to have their furs tagged can do so at a Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife fur tagging night. The special nights for the spring season are coming up later this month. Beaver is the only species open to trapping after the general trapping season, which closed on December 31.

Spring Fur Tagging Nights:

  • Ashland - April 28, 5-7 P.M. - Address: 63 Station Hill
  • Bangor - April 27, 5-7 P.M. - Address: 106 Hogan Road
  • Enfield - April 26, 5-7 P.M. - Address: 16 Cobb Road
  • Gray - April 18, 5-7 P.M. - Address: 15 Game Farm Road
  • Greenville - April 25, 5-7 P.M. - Address: 19 Village Street
  • Jonesboro - April 19, 5-7 P.M. - Address: 317 Whitneyville Road
  • Sidney - April 20, 5-7 P.M. - Address: 270 Lyons Road
  • Strong - April 21, 5-7 P.M. - Address: 689 Farmington Road

Fur tagging nights give trappers an opportunity to have furs tagged by IFW staff, and talk with the regional biologist in the area. There's no tagging fees on these nights. All incidental catches of otter taken between January 1 - April 30 must be tagged within 10 calendar days of harvesting the animal. All furs from beaver, bobcat, coyote, fisher, fox, marten, mink, and otter must be tagged within 10 days after the end of the trapping season.

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The beaver trapping season ends on April 30.

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