According to a recent article in the Portland Press Herald, following many recent accidents on Maine highways involving State Troopers and other emergency vehicles, State Police will now begin cracking down even harder on Maine's "Move-Over" law.

In the state of Maine, law requires that anyone operating a vehicle passing stationary, authorized emergency vehicles with flashing lights, including firetrucks, police cruisers, ambulances, tow trucks, etc. to move over into another lane if possible, and if not, to pass at a safe distance and speed.

Troopers will now be much more vigilant about folks who do not follow this rule of the road. They'll be video recording folks who are in violation, and those people could face a summons and a $311 fine.

The long and short of the story is that you need to do the right things, and move over and travel at a safe speed when coming upon emergency vehicles on the side of the road. It's not rocket science. And not only could you be saving precious lives, you'll save yourself $311 bucks!! Don't be that guy!!! (Or gal!!)

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