Given the year and all of the things that have happened since the start, it's always nice to find a Maine story that has an amazing ending. This story you're about to hear is no exception to that rule.

Yesterday (September 21st), Maine Sate Police were called by the York County Sheriff's Office to assist in locating a kindergartener that had walked off into the woods at recess and had gotten lost.

Maine State Police K9 team Trooper Zachary Fancy and his K9 partner Dutch arrived on the scene. Using a jacket from the child, Dutch was immediately able to begin tracking into the woods. The track took officials about half a mile into the woods where the child was found sitting alone on a rock with no shoes on and crying.

The child was brought out of the woods and quickly reunited with her parents. No injuries were reported at the scene.

Lost kindergartener located by State Police K9 in Lyman

As a dad, I can't even imagine what these parents were feeling as the State Police and Sheriff's officer were out searching for their little girl. Even the mere thought of not knowing where my children are at every moment gives me building anxiety. But, accidents happen and kid will be kids. They don't always know what they're doing or even where they're going, and for that, we're incredibly thankful for the Maine State Police and Troop Dutch (K9).

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