Okay, we are getting some snow so now it is time to turn our thoughts to camping this spring and summer.

The State offices are closed today, so registration will resume for Sebago Lake State Park for 2022 and begin for other parks on Monday the 7th..

The thought of a summer trip to go camping warms the heart this time of year.

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Reservations for family camping sites at Sebago Lake, and here is the link

All park reservations will open up for you to get registered to all the other Maine State parks on Monday.

When you call, you’ll need your credit or debit card, and your camping equipment information, and obviously have figured out the dates you are going.

On a personal note, I have a vivid memory of a camping trip and the couple at the next site invited us over for the evening to enjoy the campfire. So not only did I get out of making a fire, saving the firewood for the next night, but the husband of the couple had his acoustic guitar. And also a talent. When you closed your eyes you swore it was John Prine singing and playing that guitar. He was that good.

May you encounter that luck.

And another bit of advice. Don’t put off making the reservations for the time or park you want too long. Last year Maine’s 42 state parks and historic sites had over 3 million visitors. A record for the second year in a row.


Sebago Lake State Park is one of the most used or attended parks so again, make that call or send that email tomorrow if that’s where you’re heading for a summer vacation in 2022.

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