Not much has changed since last year with Maine remaining a state with very little diversity.

Date collected for 2016 shows Maine as one of the least diverse places in the nation. Religious and Ethnic diversity were the lowest among the states both categories ranking 50th. Household size diversity was low as well as Industry diversity giving Maine an over all very low score.

Some categories did fall in the average range like Occupational diversity, generational diversity, and marital status diversity. These categories getting better diversity results kept us from being the least diverse state in the country.

The least diverse state isn't even really near Maine. It's West Virginia ranked as the least diverse state, with Maine right behind and Vermont, the third least diverse state.

The most diverse state may be easy to guess. It's California of course! Second and third most diverse states are Texas and Hawaii.

See the full diversity rankings here and find out more about Maine's diversity numbers here.

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