This iconic Maine drive-in restaurant is now a year-round, road trip worthy, munchie stop.

The legendary Fat Boy Drive-In in Brunswick has been a summertime tradition for Mainers for over 60 years. Located near the Brunswick Executive Airport, Fat Boy has been serving customers right from the comfort of their vehicle since 1955. Now under new ownership, the restaurant is remaining open year-round.

According to the Portland Press Herald, ditching the seasonal schedule isn't the only big news for Fat Boy fans. Owner Mike Jerome says they plan to continue car-hop service throughout the winter months, with an ice rink, and heated tent, complete with a bar. Other than reports from local media, Fat Boy Drive-In hasn't officially confirmed the plans for the winter season.

Fat Boy is open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Sunday. Car Hop service is not available at this time.

Here's how it works:

  • Once you pull into a parking space, flip on your headlights. At Fat Boy, that's the signal your ready for a car hop to come take your order.
  • Once your food is ready, the car hop will bring your order to your vehicle.
  • Roll down your window, and they'll hook the tray over the glass.
  • Once your done with your food, flip on your headlights again and the car hop will take the tray off your window.

The car-hop restaurant started accepting credit or debit card payments for the first time this season. Traditionally the restaurant has been cash only.

Fat Boy Drive-In is located at 111 Bath Rd in Brunswick.

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