Maine residents are encouraged to complete a brief survey about internet use to help the state determine its future investments in broadband access.

What Is Broadband?

In case you're like me and you've heard the term 'broadband,' but needed to google it to learn more about it, here's the gist. According to Investopedia, Broadband is wide-bandwidth data transmission that can carry multiple signals at once, on different frequencies. Basically, that means really fast internet that would be much more effective than the internet access available to many areas of the state, especially in rural communities.

Is It a Long Survey and Will It Ask Personal Questions?

The survey is being conducted by the Maine Connectivity Authority, which is a quasi-governmental agency that's working to bring broadband access to everyone in the state. They're putting together a plan of action, so they're looking for feedback from Maine residents, communities, businesses, and organizations about what they need from their internet.

I took the survey and it's all multiple choice questions, asking about your internet usage, like whether you use it for work, to communicate with your doctor, and/or to visit with friends. It's very easy to complete and won't take more than a few minutes. But the information you share with be invaluable in helping the Maine Connectivity Authority in its mission.

Where Do I Find It and Is There a Deadline?

A member of the Eastern Maine Development Corporation reached out and asked us to encourage residents of Piscataquis and Penobscot Counties to take a few minutes and fill out the survey because they would like to see expanded broadband in those areas. I'm sure that sentiment would be echoed by agencies in other parts of Maine, as well.

The survey can be found on the Maine Connectivity Authority's website and, again, will only take you a few minutes to complete. Word of warning, the survey is only open through Friday, April 21st, so try to find some time in the next couple days to get it done.

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