Remember last month when news came out of Augusta about the relief checks that originally were forecast to be for $500 and then went up to $750 were bumped up to $850?

Last night, the Senate joined the House in approving the budget that will lead to those checks being issued in the near future.

The budget now goes to the Governor’s desk and is expected to be signed.

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There are numerous other items in the bill, but the item getting the greatest attention from most Mainers, is a ‘relief check’ in the amount of $850 expected to be delivered within a few months.

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Those funds are not a new expense item. The money will come from an overcollection of tax dollars.

Here are other items in the budget

  • return half of the state’s surplus to Maine taxpayers via direct checks,
  • deliver crucial tax relief to working Maine families and seniors,
  • provide two years of free community college to pandemic-impacted students to strengthen Maine’s workforce,
  • overhaul the State’s student loan repayment program into a nation-leading debt retirement tool, and, among other things,
  • provide additional assistance for Maine hospitals and nursing homes.

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