In this day and age, almost everything is done online. From buying groceries, to finding love, the internet has got your back every time. From Tinder to to are looking for love wherever it's hiding. But how safe is it to do so?

Well, apparently Maine is wicked safe! According to a dual report from and, Maine is sitting right behind No. 1 Vermont for online dating safety. I became immediately curious as to how you could even quantify data like that, and because I'm a major sucker for internet click bait, I had to do some digging into this research to find out how we got to be No. 2.

They compiled a chunk of their findings from researching FBI Violent Crime and Cyber Crime data, and dovetailed it with data compiled from the Center for Disease Control regarding STD rates for each state, and compared it all to the respective populations of each state.

Not surprisingly, New England states in general took the top three spots. Vermont scored the top spot, with Maine second, and New Hampshire coming in at No. 3 respectively. Whereas, Connecticut came in 8th, Rhode Island at No.11, and Massachusetts came in at a sad No.17, although still light years ahead of the nation's un-safest state for online dating, Alaska

Because Maine placed so high, it's shouldn't be a shock to know we're also one of the safest spots in the country concerning STD's, placing No. 4 on that list. So it would seem Mainers like to keep those cold, cuddly nights as safe as possible.

In this digital age, it's good to know that we're not behind the times on something so commonplace in our culture. Online dating isn't going anywhere anytime soon. But at least we're being safe as heck while we do it.

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