We asked for your top ice cream flavors, and you responded with a list which included a few surprises.

Everything is Better With Ice Cream

One of my favorite things in the world is ice cream. I love it and I'm not overly picky about flavors, although I do have my favorites. I prefer hard server over soft serve, but soft serve has its place. Everything is better with ice cream. Pie. Waffles. Sprinkles.

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Maine Residents are Flocking to Newly Opened Ice Cream Stands

With all the ice cream shops opening around the state and the weather warming up, I wanted to know your favorite ice cream flavors. So I asked on Facebook and got a lot of answers. This is not a scientific poll or a large sample. It's just what a bunch of our listeners told me they love. I'm not naming ice cream shops because I don't play favorites. This is just a celebration of one of the truly indulgent joys of the summer season.

There Were a Lot of Ice Cream Flavors That Only Got a Single Vote

There were a lot of runners-up in this poll, that only got a vote or two. Some of the flavors that appeared on the list just once include cherry walnut, Indian pudding, and toasted coconut. Those all sound delicious but I think I have to seek out the Indian Pudding because I love anything with a molasses flavor. You told me you love black cherry, French vanilla, orange dream, pistachio, and cookies and cream (which I thought would get more votes). No one mentioned strawberry, all by itself, although it was listed as a twist cone. I'm not a fan of strawberry ice cream and I guess I'm not alone.

So What Were The Top Finishers?

Maine People Surprised Us With Their Favorite Ice Cream Flavors

Based on answers to a Facebook poll, here are Maine's favorite ice cream flavors.

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