There used to be a saying back in the day, " Maine goes, so goes the nation...", and right now, one could hope this was never more true. Hoping to become the first of it's kind in the country, spring of 2019 should see the beginning of the Maine Harvest Union. An organization called the Maine Harvest Credit Project, has been working hard to raise funds to start the first credit union dedicated to farmers and food producers in the entire country.

And all through this year they've been picking up steam and raising over $2 million toward their goal. And according to Todd Mason, the president and CEO of the Maine Credit Union League, says it's no easy feat, according to an article from

Starting a credit union isn't easy; it takes a lot of time, money, paperwork and dedicated people to guide the process. The people behind this have worked tirelessly.

They hope to have a staff in place by spring of 2019, and to be open in June in the town of Unity. It could very exciting for this state to take a real interest in helping this part of Maine's economy. In a day and age where it seems agriculture and farming are being left behind more and more, the good old state of Maine is stepping up and providing the rest of the country a great example of how good things can be done.

Hopefully, as time goes on we will see the tangible benefits to our farming community. And to see our local farmers flourish. Let's cross our fingers and keep wishing for good things to happen.

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