Maine residents are among the victims of scam calls allegedly perpetrated by a New York man, who is now facing charges in New Hampshire.

The Suspect

Oumar Diallo, 22, is charged with criminal liability for conduit of another and receiving stolen property.


What Parts of Maine Were Affected

The charges stem from an investigation launched by the New Boston, New Hampshire Police Department on April 15, 2024, after a resident reported they had fallen victim to what's commonly referred to as a 'grandparent scam.' In these types of crimes, a victim receives a phone call from someone claiming to be an Attorney, who tells them that their child or grandchild has been involved in a car crash. They then say that the child or grandchild has been arrested and needs money for bail. Sometimes they ask for money to be wired or for gift cards, But, in this version of the classic scam, it's alleged that Diallo traveled to the New Boston victim's home and collected $24,000 in cash.

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As the investigation continued, New Boston Police learned that the same scammers had stolen money from New Hampshire residents, and people in Belfast, Falmouth, Standish, Long Island, and Hampden, Maine. The police say the crooks had collected over $200,000 in stolen cash from their victims.

How the Police Tracked Diallo to California

Diallo was tracked by police to Las Vegas, where additional victims were identified. A nationwide warrant was obtained by the New Boston Police Department and on April 27, 2024, Diallo was arrested in Redondo Beach, California. He was extradited to New Hampshire, where he will face charges.

Anyone who believes they may have fallen victim to Diallo's scam is encouraged to contact the Belfast or Maine State Police Departments.

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