Two people were sent to the hospital after a crash at a Monster Truck Show in Topsham.

One of the Trucks Became Tangled With a Power Line

Officials say the Fairgrounds was hosting a Monster Truck Show Saturday afternoon and members of the Topsham Fire Department were at the scene, monitoring the event. As part of the show, the trucks were going over a series of moguls until just before 2 when one of the trucks struck an aerial utility wire as it went over a jump. The wire became caught on the truck known as 'Crustacean' and pulled it tight, taking down several utility poles before the truck could stop. At least one of those poles was near the spectator viewing section.

Topsham Police Department
Topsham Police Department

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Two People Were Taken to the Hospital

Officials say one person was taken to MMC after being hit by the equipment on the top of one of the poles. A second person was taken to a local hospital with unspecified injuries while several others suffered minor injuries and were treated at the scene. Crustacean's driver was not hurt.

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Topsham Police Department
Topsham Police Department

Topsham Police Are Asking for Anyone With Video of the Crash to Contact Them

Power was shut down immediately throughout much of Topsham so the Fire Department personnel could safely treat the injured and evacuate them from the scene. Electricity was restored at around 4:30 in the afternoon.

Police are asking that any witnesses with further information regarding the crash, or who took video of the incident, to contact Officer Mathew Bowers at 725-4337 or

We'll update this story as more details become available. 

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