Personally, I've been buying cage-free eggs for years. If not, completely free-range. I like to think maybe the chickens are treated better, and more humanely. I can't personally back it up, because I've never been to a chicken farm. However, even right here in Maine, we have egg farms where chickens spend their whole lives in cages.

Now, obviously we can debate this subject til we're blue in the face like so many people like to do these days, but in my opinion, treating animals better just can't possibly be a bad thing. That said, Rep. Maggie O'Neil of Saco is proposing that all egg farms in Maine make their facilities cage-free.

It would require following a set of guidelines that allow birds to do things such as perching and spreading their wings. I mean, could you imagine spending your whole life in one spot, and never even being able to stretch a little bit? It would drive me insane. I don't imagine chickens feel a whole lot better about it.

Right now, this is all still in the talking stage, but a lot of people in state government feel this is the wave of the future, according to WABI - TV5. So maybe we should just join the future instead of fighting it? We'll see...

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