Folks are invited to visit sugar houses around the state for Maine Maple Sunday and enjoy fun activities, learn more about how syrup's made, and taste yummy maple treats!

My memories of maple syrup production go back to my early childhood and my grandfather. Grampy Campbell tapped trees every year until he was too old to walk back into the woods. We'd go out with him, whenever we visited, to check the sap buckets and watch as he boiled it down. I remember taking that fresh syrup and pouring it over a bowl of snow for a unique winter treat. In recent years, I've really enjoyed watching my neighbor take his young children along when he checks his sap buckets at the end of our driveway.

This Sunday is Maine Maple Sunday, when residents are encouraged to visit sugar houses in their area and learn more about the process of making maple syrup. It's great for educating children on the process involved in making syrup, and showing them that the sweet treat comes from trees, not from the store. A lot of the sugar houses will offer fun activities, like sleigh rides and pancake breakfasts. And, of course, there's always the tasting! That's my favorite part!

For a complete map of sugar houses participating in Maine Maple Sunday, and information about their individual plans, log onto the Maine Maple Producers' website.

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