A Maine man, who was once a member of law enforcement, is now facing charges in New Hampshire after a scuffle in a diner.

The Suspects in the Portsmouth Diner Incident are All Related.

As a result of an investigation into an incident at a Portsmouth diner, arrest warrants were issued for Aaron Goodwin,45, of Eliot, Maine, his brother Kevin Goodwin, and Kevin's wife, Shannon Goodwin, both of Maryland. Aaron and Kevin are charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct, while Shannon Goodwin is charged with 3 counts of simple assault and disorderly conduct. Aaron Goodwin turned himself in to authorities while, at last report, arrangements were being made to take the two Maryland residents into custody. Aaron Goodwin was released on personal recognizance bail.

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A Former Police Officer is One of the People Charged in a Portsmouth Diner Fight.

The fight was reported to Portsmouth Police at approximately 10:30 on Wednesday night, November 22, 2023. New Hampshire State Police took over the investigation from Portsmouth Police because one of the suspects in this case, Aaron Goodwin, is a former Portsmouth Police Officer.

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According to WGME-TV, a local bank executive has identified himself as the victim in this case. Mamadou Dembele has publicly called it a racist attack, which Goodwin denies.  The Maine man allegedly told police that he was just trying to pull Dembele away from his sister-in-law.

Goodwin Was Fired from the Portsmouth Police Over

Aaron Goodwin was fired from the Portsmouth Police Department in 2015 after being accused of using his influence to convince an elderly, mentally impaired woman to leave most of her multi-million-dollar estate to him. Seacoast Online reports a probate court judge voided the trust that named Goodwin the primary beneficiary and restored an earlier trust that left the money to her grandson and several charities.

The incident in Portsmouth remains under investigation by the New Hampshire State Police.

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