The answer is living.

If you had to guess which states in America had the longest life expectancy and which one had the shortest life expectancy, think you could do it?

At least, have an educated guess?

Think about it.  First Maine is not #1 on either end of the list. However we are very respectable with our results. Mainers can be proud that we finish 14th when it comes to how long we expect to live.

And yes us Maine men are dragging down the average. The average Mainer lives to be 77.8 years old.  The average male expectancy is 74.9.  Females in Maine average 80.7. Both higher than the national average.

The northeast does great collectively. Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Connecticut are all in the Top 10 in the country.

East coast and west coasts have the highest scores. Must be the oceans.

And the lowest average ages are in the south and Midwest.

Okay. Made your choices for #1 and #50.

Last in life expectancy.

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Mississippi life expectancy is only 71.9.

And finishing first


Aloha Hawaii. Finishing with nearly more than 10 more years of life than Mississippi, Hawaiians live to be 80.7 on average.

I’m not a statistician, but even if we all move to Hawaii I don’t think our expectancy will significantly improve.

Genes probably have lots to do with it all too. So we have to look at family history. My Dad passed in his late 90’s, my Mom in her late 80’s.

And diet too. And of course we’re all eating better, because isn’t it January after all.

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