When you're out on the roads in the summertime, you usually feel pretty safe. Even with the occasional threat of hydroplaning when it rains, I know I basically feel in control of my car. I was surprised to hear about a few accidents being caused by a sealant that was being applied to some roads in Maine.

The material in question is a surface fog sealant. Which is basically a watered down asphalt that is sprayed onto roads to help control damage, and mitigate the amount of repairs needed to maintain the road. However, as a result of a near-fatal car accident, the state discontinued its use.

They discovered that when the sealant got wet, it became incredibly slippery. And if you're cruising down the roads in summer, feeling safe, you're not usually too concerned with slippery conditions. But the state immediately changed their tune when they realized the havoc the sealant was causing.

It is likely caused by over-application of the product stemming from what sounds like an unclear method of applying the sealant. Too much judgment seems to be left to the person putting it on, and in this case, too much is not necessarily better, according to the Portland Press Herald.

Stopping usage won't help the people who've already been affected by the sealant, but since the state has gone ahead and fixed the roads in question, at least no new accidents will stem from this material. Just goes to show you... In the long run, we should probably all just make an effort to drive a little safer, year round.

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