Maine wildlife biologists are encouraging anglers to help manage fish populations around the state, especially in these waters.

While the saying “let them go and watch them grow” is an important message in the management of a fishery, so is harvesting. The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is encouraging anglers to harvest their catch this season. Decades ago, Maine's fisheries saw more fishing pressure and higher harvest rates. These days more harvest is needed to maintain healthy fish populations, and to achieve size quality management goals.

Maine fisheries biologists say: "Over the years harvesting your catch has become less popular. Even with liberal bag limits for some waters and biologists specifically asking anglers to keep their catch, the benefits of fish harvest are greater than ever." So they're now seeking harvest participation on specific areas of water around the state.

Paul Wolfe, Townsquare Media
Paul Wolfe, Townsquare Media

Here's an overview of where and what species biologists need angler participation. Note that size, and bag limits on each body of water must be followed as per the 2021 Maine Open Water and Ice Fishing Law Book.

  • Kezar Lake, Lovell - Lake trout
  • Sebago Lake, Raymond area - Lake trout
  • Thompson Lake, Oxford area - Lake trout
  • Mousam Lake, Acton/Shapleigh - Lake trout
  • Colcord Pond, Porter - Lake trout
  • Sebago Lake, Raymond area - Lake Trout
  • Belgrade Lakes Region - Lake Trout, Salmon, Bass
  • Beech Hill Pond, Otis - Lake Trout
  • West Musquash Lake, Talmage - Lake Trout
  • Jordan Pond, Seal Harbor - Lake Trout
  • Spring Lake, T3R4 BKP WKR - Lake Trout
  • Clearwater Pond, Industry - Lake Trout
  • Porter Lake, Strong - Lake Trout
  • Wilson, Wilton - Lake Trout
  • Pleasant Pond, Caratunk - Lake Trout
  • Chesuncook, Caribou, and Ripogenus Lakes - Encouraging keeping all Salmon under 16 inches.
  • Third Debsconeag Lake, T1 R10/T2 R10 WELS - Short Lake Trout
  • Cold Stream Pond, Enfield - Lake Trout
  • St. Froid Lake, Winterville Plantation - Salmon
  • Eagle Lake, Eagle Lake - Salmon, Lake Trout
  • Carr Pond, T13R8 WELS - Salmon, Lake Trout

You can read the whole report here.

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has excellent blogs on how to bring home a quality catch and fish recipes.

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