A YouTuber ice camped on a northern Maine lake in dangerously cold conditions, and he made it look easy. Plus, wait till you see the monster trout that were caught.

With bitter cold temps in the forecast Saturday, we thought we'd bring back this gem. The ice fishing season this year has been tough, so far. Mild weather has mostly prevailed this winter, leading to less than desirable ice conditions. The beastly cold temps will be welcomed for those hoping to see safe ice conditions on their favorite body of water.

Ice camping is growing in popularity here in Maine. The cool outing is pretty self explanatory: Camping out on a frozen body of water. For anglers, camping over a honey hole can mean non-stop fishing all day, and night. It can also be strategic for longer trips on remote lakes. Not having to travel to back and fourth to the lake saves time, especially getting set-up on the ice for the early morning bite.

Want to give ice camping a try? Joe Holland's YouTube channel is a must watch. First off, Joe is a fishing wiz. He started his channel, in part, to share his vast knowledge of fishing. His videos are PACKED with helpful skills, tricks, and tips that any angler can benefit from.

When it comes to ice camping, Joe might be the most die-hard angler on the ice. His channel is loaded with videos of him camping on the ice in some of the toughest conditions Maine weather conjure up. Last season, Joe camped and fished for muskie on a body of water in the North Maine Woods. The temps overnight dipped to 40 below. An exact low temperature couldn't be accurately determined because his digital thermometer maxed out at -40.

Ice camping is definitely a unique experience, but should be planned thoroughly. A camping trip in winter can go from uncomfortable to dangerous quickly. Joe suggests those new to ice camping to do test outings at a close to home body of water, or in the dooryard. Staying comfortable during the extremes of Maine winter weather takes time to perfect. Watching some of Joe's videos will get you started. His video above is an excellent starting point.

Last season, Jessie of Mainely Outdoors also gave ice camping a-go. He also hit the hard water in brutal cold. Temps dipped to -37 while he attempted to stay on the ice for 24 hours. He made it through, but with not much sleep.

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You'll find both Joe Holland Fishing and Mainely Outdoors on our list of some of the best Maine-based outdoor YouTube channels.

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Before we get to the list, remember to dress appropriately for the cold weather. We didn't put warm outerwear on the list, but it's definitely a must-have. Dressing in layers is important to ensure you're warm enough throughout the day on the ice. If you start getting too warm, you can simply take a layer off. Hand warmers are also worth packing.

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