To call hunting season part of Maine culture sure sounds like a gross understatement. And here it comes Opening Day of Deer Season. Officially.

The sense of community all over our vast state is unreal.  The number of hunters breakfasts is great. They are easy to find in every corner of Maine.

Let it begin. Firearms Deer season and all that goes with it started Saturday.

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The fall hunting season is the most popular one of the year. And even non hunters share in the excitement. The anticipation of all the events is huge.

Firearm season began Saturday for Mainers. The nonresident season began yesterday for out of staters.

Photo by Andrew Coop on Unsplash
Photo by Andrew Coop on Unsplash

White-tailed deer are all over Maine, and it’s time to thin the herd. Deer hunting firearm season runs until November 25th.

Muzzleloader begins after that on November 27th until December 2nd. And area restricted muzzleloaders runs December 4th to 9th.

Of course, before the excitement of gun season, Deer hunters have been in the woods for archery and crossbow season since last month.

But now it is one of the most popular hunting days of the year in Maine. No pressure, hunters. But that freezer has lots of space if you do what is anticipated. At the least go make some memories with your family and friends. Be safe.

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Getty Stock Think Stock

And hope you enjoyed the opening of Maine’s deer hunting firearms season even if all you did is attend a Hunters breakfast in your community.

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