A Millinocket couple welcomed their new baby boy while on I-95, headed to a Bangor hospital.

Ben Gould told WVII-TV that he and his wife, Jocelyn Steeves-Gould left home just after 9:00 on Monday morning, headed to Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor. They made it to the Old Town area before Jocelyn's water broke and the baby started to come. Mom said she pushed once and that was it. The baby was here.

It all happened so quickly, that Ben didn't even have time to pull over his new Chevy Silverado. He said he was driving with one hand, and catching the baby with the other. His biggest concern was keeping the infant from hitting the floor, which he did successfully. Mom then took little Benjamin Gould into her arms and told his Dad to keep driving. He called 911 and they alerted the hospital about the impending arrival.

Both Mom and Baby Ben (and Dad Ben) are doing great. The family moved from Massachusetts to Maine in 2016 and have two daughters at home. Congratulations to the Goulds on their new arrival!