We asked, and we got swamped.

Thinking it would be nice to help some who are slow to get into the season to get there through your photos of your decorated Christmas trees in your homes.  And boy did you respond.

Before we get to the pics, let's just make sure we say thank you for your kindness this season, and may you and your family and friends have the best holiday possible.

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If you are traveling, be safe. If you are having people travel to be with you, be kind to that relative whose middle name is inappropriate. Not really his name, just that his timing is off and he opens his mouth at the worst times.

If you are flat worn out already and thinking you have to do even more, please tie a knot and hold on tight. May your loved ones appreciate all that you do. And please don't put too much on your shoulders. It'll be okay.

Remember what the season is all about. The memories.  And yes even our differences can be endearing if you let them be.

Nothing says Christmas like the four-legged ones in your family and today's photo gallery has spotlights of them too.

Tomorrow dozens and dozens of various looks at listener-submitted Christmas trees.
And one more thing. Although the following trees look close to perfect, hopefully, you learned from Charlie Brown that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all trees are beautiful.

Christmas Trees, Kids, Dogs and Cats

Listeners show us their trees and more

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