A Freeport chocolate company is selling chocolate bars named for Dr. Nirav Shah, Director of the Maine CDC.

Wilbur's of Maine Chocolate Confections is a family-based business, according to its Facebook page, that was founded in 1983 and is based in Freeport. On Monday, the company unveiled the newest creation, the 'Shah Bar,' named for the Maine CDC's Executive Director, Dr. Nirav Shah. The wrappers sport his smiling face, along with a heart in the middle of a silhouette of the state, which may be a nod to the fact that Dr. Shah has a large map of Maine behind him, as he gives his daily briefings.

He's developed quite a fan base, through his soft-spoken press briefings, including a Facebook page 'Fans of Dr. Nirav Shah.' Many people have praised his plain-spoken demeanor and commented on how Mainers should be grateful to have him at the helm of the pandemic. His fondness for Diet Coke and nicknames for reporter Don Carrigan, or as he says Admiral Carrigan, have become fodder for conversations on Facebook. Now, Wilbur's is providing dark and milk chocolate creations designed to be as sweet as people perceive Dr. Shah to be.

The folks at Wilbur's wanted to find a unique say to show their appreciation, as well, so they came up with the 'Shah Bars,' as a way to honor him. They reached out to the Maine CDC and got the nod that their idea was approved. They're now available in both the Freeport and Brunswick locations, or folks can buy them online. 10% of the proceeds of each bar will be donated to the Freeport Community Services Food Pantry.

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