April vacation is right around the corner, and maybe there is a young, budding musician in your life that is just dying to do something a bit out of the box this year. Why not send them to Rock Camp?

Maine Academy of Modern Music, based in Portland, is returning to the Bangor Arts Exchange this spring, in conjunction with the fine folks from Launchpad. MAMM had  session up here last summer that was extremely well received by the community. And from all over, too. Kids came from as far as Houlton and Bar Harbor to participate in last summer's program.

This year, they're looking to try something a little different up here. In addition to the two summer sessions they're offering, it was decided maybe kids might want to do some serious rocking out, since they've been cooped up all winter. Face it, with the attention span of most kids, you need as many choices as possible to keep them entertained. That can be hard enough when the weather is cooperative.

During these camps, kids are assigned to groups that take into consideration things like their age and capability. Now that doesn't mean necessarily all the "talented" kids are all in one group. Usually it's spread out a bit, so that kids can also help each other. The adults try to let the kids make as many of their own decisions as possible. They choose their own songs, they pick a name, and have to do some outside practicing to learn their parts.

But I've seen first hand, how much fun these kids have, while still taking it more seriously than I've ever seen a lot of kids their age take things. Their pride shows through in everything they do, and it's incredible to witness. And the ways they help and encourage each other is truly inspiring.

It will go from April 15th to April 19th from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. daily. The registration fee is $300. If that is a bit much for your family's wallet, no problem! Maine Academy of Modern Music has scholarship money available for students who need it. So don't let the cost intimidate you.

Short story.... It's an absolute blast! If it sounds like fun to you and your little rocker, register today at MaineAcademyOfModernMusic.org and get the ball rolling! This is where the future of rock starts.

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