Valentine’s Day is definitely behind us. A week has past and even the half off discounted day after candy is just a memory. Here’s hoping all went well, all were relatively pleased, and life is rolling on smoothly. Rumor has it that Valentine’s Day is a great day to get engaged, although I believe more people get engaged around Christmas then Valentine’s Day. Now that both are in the past for this year, are we on the verge of transforming from Engagement ‘season’ to Wedding ‘season’

June used to be the most popular month to get married in, pre pandemic at least. Numbers are probably going to be down since so many are delaying weddings until the times are more conducive to holding an actually wedding and reception.

The delaying of getting married has been happening for just about a year now, coinciding with the pandemic. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.  Better to be even more sure that you’re certain you are marrying the right person.

How long do you date before you get engaged? Of course there is a study about that and for some reason Mainers are number 2 in the entire country when it comes to long term dating before getting engaged.  Alaska is #1.  Here is the link to the survey.  Mainers date 42.2 months before getting engaged.

This is a survey I’m not going to try to figure out the why. Maine women just must not be the ‘pressuring type’ encouraging Maine men to pop the question. With that being said, when is Sadie Hawkins Day?

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