The new season of MeatEater is now streaming. The first episode of the season features country mega-star, Luke Combs.

Last year, MeatEater host Steve Rinella took Luke Combs out for an antelope hunt. Fans were tipped off to the epic hunt when Rinella shared a video of Combs singing "This One's For You" on his Instagram. Since the hunt, the "Cold As You" singer appeared on an episode of the MeatEater podcast. Listen to the full episode here. Fans were left wondering, did cameras roll during the hunt? The question has been answered with the arrival of a new season of MeatEater on Netflix.

Episode 1 of season 10 features Combs, along with Dan and Reid Isbell of the Brothers Hunt. The antelope hunt took place in Wyoming, which was a first for Luke. On the podcast, he admits hasn't been a hunter for long. Luke said he discovered the joy of hunting later in life, as a way of escaping the "daily grind" of being a country singer.

Combs has a successful hunt with Rinella, tagging a good-sized buck. Steve admits the hunt wasn't the traditional MeatEater hunt with miles and miles of hiking, hours of glassing game, and remote camping. The ranch was loaded with antelope, so it was really a matter of finding a big fella, and stalking their way within range for a good shot. Steve said of the Luke and the hunt, "We laughed our asses off and had some great stalks. He’s a damn fine gentleman."

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Part 1 of the new MeatEater season is now streaming on Netflix.

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