The crew from MeatEater stopped in Maine for a grouse and woodcock hunt. They also looked into a growing issue in Maine, public access to land for recreational use.

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In a new episode of Cal In The Field, the MeatEater cast member visits Maine for a bird hunt. Filmed back in 2020, Ryan Callaghan joined Brent West of the High Peaks Alliance to discuss the complex issue of public recreational land use in Maine. The non-profit organization is comprised of local hunters, hikers, loggers, fishermen, snowmobile and ATV riders, registered guides, cross-country skiers, mountain bikers, among others, that work to ensure continuing public access to western Maine’s High Peaks Region.

Cal, being a western hunter, got a crash course on how Mainers hunt the big woods. The differences of hunting in Maine compared to other states were quickly apparent to Callaghan, as he attempted to line-up snap shots at grouse and woodcock in the thick woods. After a few days in the woods, feathers flew, birds went down, and were shared over a campfire.

A important point made in the episode is no matter the outdoor activity, access is shrinking across the country. Whether it be hunting, fishing, or hiking; recreational space is disappearing nationwide. Groups like the High Peaks Alliance work tirelessly to activate community stewardship of land that remains accessible, hopefully for a long time.

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