Luke Bryan got after a big Tennessee Tom in a new video on the Bone Collector YouTube channel.

Luke Bryan has admitted numerous times he's not the best turkey hunter in the woods. But in a new video n the Bone Collector YouTube channel, he has big success. Hunting with fellow Georgia boy, Michael Waddell, Luke invited the crew to film on his farm in Tennessee. Waddell was first up to bat with shotgun in hand. After a few attempts to lure wary Jakes into range, they move on to a wooded area where a BIG Tom was hot-to-trot after hearing their calls.

After the feathers few for Waddell, it was Luke's turn. Perched high on a ridge-line, Luke readies as three Toms wander towards the sounds of their clucks. Erupting with joyous laughter immediately after pressing the trigger, Luke dusts a longbeard. No matter your age, after a successful hunt, you're going to want to call dad and tell him all about it. Luke is no different. After retrieving his bird, he calls his dad to show him his prized bird.

Paul Wolfe, Townsquare Media
Paul Wolfe, Townsquare Media

Maine's spring turkey hunt is underway. The season opened Monday, May 2. With a valid Maine big game or small game hunting license, turkey hunters can purchase a wild turkey permit for $20 for both residents and non-residents. This permit allows turkey hunters to take up to two bearded wild turkeys in the spring, and an additional turkeys of either sex in the fall. Fall bag limits vary in Wildlife Management Districts around the state.

Season bag limits is two bearded (male) wild turkeys in most Wildlife Management Districts. A hunter may harvest only one bearded turkey in WMDs 1-6, and 8.

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The spring turkey season runs through June 4.

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