A Fairfield man who was convicted of killing his wife in 2016 and burying her body on his parents' property is going to prison for 55 years.

Luc Tieman originally told authorities that his wife had disappeared while waiting for him in a Walmart parking lot. He said he went into the store to shop and, when he came out, she was no longer sitting in their truck. She wasn't reported missing until her family, who lives in North Carolina, contacted authorities because they were unable to reach her. Tieman explained it away by saying that she'd threatened to leave him and he figured she's finally done it.

Later, he changed his story, stating that he'd watched her die of a heroin overdose. But charges were levied against him when Valerie's body was found in the backyard of his parents' home, with his wedding ring and a note telling her how much he loved her. And when the State Medical Examiner's autopsy confirmed that she had painkillers, but no heroin, in her system and had died from two gunshot wounds.

Tieman still claims that he didn't kill her and says, if he had, he wouldn't have left so many incriminating clues in the ground with her. But, despite his objections, a jury convicted him last month for murder. WABI-TV reports that today he was sentenced to 55 years in prison.

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