A Lubec man who killed his girlfriend and left the body in a car trunk has received his prison sentence.

How Long Is His Sentence?

Paul DeForest, 67, was sentenced on Tuesday to 32 years in prison on a charge of murder. According to the BDN, he was also given a 5-year concurrent sentence for trying to convince another inmate to burn down a house belonging to one of the potential witnesses.

Where Was the Suspect Arrested?

It was in January 2022 when police were called to 69 Jim's Head Road in Lubec for a report of an altercation. An investigation into the incident had officials searching for Eva Cox, 58, and DeForest, who lived with her at the residence. Cox's body was found the next day, in the trunk of a car located near the home. She had been shot.

Additional information led police to obtain an arrest warrant for DeForest, who they located in Warrenton, Virginia. After a brief standoff, members of the Fauquier County Sheriff's Office convinced the suspect to exit the house and he was taken into custody. Court documents state that he went to Virginia to take his dog to his daughter before he was arrested.

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What Was the Motive for the Murder?

Defense Attorney Steven Juskewitch said the shooting happened during an argument between the two people over retirement plans. DeForest pleaded guilty to the murder charge, calling it a 'tragic mistake.' The 32 year sentence is likely a life sentence for the 67-year-old, who would be 99 on the date of his release.

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