This week, we all got a Christmas present that fit just right, was the right color, and wasn't even under the tree! We got more money in our wallets, thanks to steadily falling gas prices, according to the Associated Press, and the website

Around Maine, the average price dropped to $2.33 a gallon, down about five cents from just the week before. Here in Brewer, at one of our fine local convenience stores, I personally paid $2.22 a gallon yesterday. So, there are lots of stores with cheaper gas than the average. In fact, GasBuddy says that there are 31 states that have at least one gas station charging under $2.00 a gallon.

Like anything though, if you do too much digging, you'll find some financial expert telling you the many reasons why falling gas prices are a bad thing. I get it, sometimes the activity of the economy seems to contradict what most folks would see as a blessing, but not for me.

I know somehow, before long, the powers that be will find a new and exciting way to make me pay more at the pump. But right now, I'm going to enjoy the fact that I paid well under $20 for a change to top off my tank. My guess is, you will too.

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