Thanks to a summer that took forever to really take off, due to a winter that just didn't want to end, it felt like we didn't really get going until we were into July. Heck, lots of kids didn't even get out of school until well into the third week of June. And believe me, after yesterday's post, I swear I'm not trying to rush summer out the door. But I was curious what you guys have been doing with yourselves this summer.

So naturally, I took to trusty old Facebook to ask y'all to post some photos of things you did this summer. Whether it was pics from your most recent vacation, or a sunrise at camp (like I posted), I wanted to see what you had. And I have to say, you folks NEVER disappoint.


As you can see, we all got to do some really awesome things with our tiny, little summer. Soon enough, Facebook is going to full of pictures of the snow piling up in people's driveways, and back yards, and whatnot. So yeah, let's all just drink in these photos, and soak as much as we can into our systems before the crappy weather starts. Because sometimes all you have is great photos of even better times.

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