It is easy to appreciate the sense of community, no matter where you live in Maine. And part of that community spirit shines this time of the year, as towns and counties come together for their annual fairs.

Litchfield Fair  advertises their fair as ‘What A Fair Should Be’.  Who is going to argue with that.  Food.  Check.  Animal events.  Check.  Rides and Games on the Midway.  Check.  Baby Show.  Check.  Auto Parade. Check.  Demolition Derby.  Check.

Litchfield Fair is Friday September 10th through Sunday September 12th.

First the bad news.  Everyone is doing their best to keep this year’s Litchfield Fair as close to normal as they can.  That being said, officials have already announced there will be no Apple Pie Contest this year due to Covid Safety protocol.  Next year, back to the Apple Pie contest. And this year replacing the apple pie event is a special old fashioned Soft Molasses cookie contest.  (cookies will not be shared – fyi they never are in my house either – nor will they be sold after the contest)

Let’s get to the fun. Everyday there will be a pig scramble, for children 5 and 6.  Parents must enter their kids at the fair day of the event, and if they catch a pig, you must be prepared to take home and raise the pig if one is caught.  “Look what I brought home from the fair” “Oink Oink”

If you love antique cars, you will love the Antique Auto parade on Sunday.

Courtesy Litchfield Fair
Courtesy Litchfield Fair

If you you like car crashes, you will love the Demolition Derby. Destruction begins at 10 a.m. Sunday , first hit shortly after.

Litchfield Fair
Litchfield Fair

With the pandemic, lots of people haven’t seen each other as often as in prior years, so this year’s Baby show might well be extra special.  If you’re looking to meet the new babies under two years old, the event is Saturday morning.

Enjoy the fellowship of community at the Litchfield Fair, the weekend after Labor Day.

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