Usually a parade route is set. Mostly in a town. And we travel from home to the parade route, line up and watch the parade.  But not during the pandemic. That's so non 2020. This parade will come to you, or at least drive by you.

An organization that works with people in need from 10 different towns is bringing a little holiday spirt to their communities. Community Compass based in Blue Hill, will hold a Festival of Lights automobile Parade this Saturday. The dozens and dozens of cars and trucks, and hopefully more, will be decorated and will begin the parade at about 3:30 Saturday the 19th from Penobscot Elementary School. The parade will travel through Sedgwick and onto Deer Isle and Stonington, and end 38 miles later at the Island Community Center.

If you'd like to be a participant in the parade; meet at the Penobscot Elementary School Saturday by 3p.m.

We're underway the Parade Route on 151 South

Q106.5 was part of a parade like this back when the pandemic began, driving by a Senior Living Center, but it was only a mile long parade. This parade will hopefully be seen and enjoyed by many people.

Community Compass works with partner organizations, volunteers to break the cycle of poverty on the Blue Hill and Deer Isle/Stonington Peninsula.

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