You can pick up a free Christmas tree today, as a Levant business owner gives back to the community.

This is the first year that Levant Landscaping and Construction on Union Street in Bangor has sold Christmas trees. The owners told WABI-TV that they've been so blessed by the community this year, they decided to do something special with those trees. So on Christmas Eve Eve, they started giving trees away to anyone who doesn't already have one. No questions will be asked about level of need. Just tell the folks at Levant Landscaping and Construction that you want a tree, and they'll give you one. The store will be open until 4 this afternoon, so pick one up before then, while supplies last.

I'm so impressed by what a wonderful gesture this is. So many families are struggling right now, just buying presents for their kids is a financial burden. So providing a tree is an added expense that they don't need. How wonderful would it be for these families to be able to spend Christmas Eve decorating their beautiful Christmas tree? Kids who can't visit their grandparents on Christmas Day can at least have some holiday joy in the form of a Christmas tree. Gathering around, munching on holiday treats, and singing Christmas carols, as their parents try to untangle the lights.

Merry Christmas to the folks at Levant Landscaping and Construction. We hope your holiday is warmed by the knowledge that you've made a difference to so many.


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