A generous 9-year-old boy decided to treat a Penobscot County Sheriff's Deputy to lunch over the weekend.

Feel-good stories are always welcome, but especially on a cold and snowy morning. And this story will warm even the chilliest of hearts. It all started at the Village Market in Carmel, when they had to shut down their power to a portion of the store, so repairmen could work on the meat case. The result was that they were unable to process credit cards for half an hour, forcing them to honor only cash sales.

Enter Bentley, a 9-year-old local boy who brought his own money to the store to buy bait. While he was in the store, he saw a Penobscot County Sheriff's Deputy approach the register, to pay for his lunch. Since he didn't have any cash, the deputy told the cashier that he would eat his lunch in his car, sitting in the parking lot, and wait for the power to be turned back on so he could pay. The deputy went outside and began to enjoy his meal.

The cashiers had to fight back tears when Bentley walked up to the register and told them he wanted to pay for the officer's lunch. After settling the bill, Bentley was taken out to the cruiser, so staff members could tell the Deputy that his bill was paid. The Deputy and boy posed for a picture together that was posted on the store's Facebook page.

Well done, Bentley. We could all learn something from you about being kind to others.

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