If I told you that the favorite condiment of California was Sriracha sauce, you'd probably have no trouble believing that whatsoever. Or if I told you that Michigan's favorite was mayonnaise, you would not bat a single eyelash. But......Marshmallow Fluff?!?!? Well, according to News-Herald.com it is.

Now, I LOVE fluff. I really do. My favorite go-to comfort food is a good old fashioned Fluffernutter. Since we're all Mainers, I don't feel remotely compelled to explain what that is, but if you happen to be from away, that's just a peanut butter and fluff sandwich.

Homemade Fluffernutter Marshmallow Peanut Butter Sandwich
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We all have our own style for making them too. For instance, I prefer mine a bit heavier on the peanut butter. But I know lots of folks like to go hard on the fluff. There are certainly no rules. But I still don't consider fluff a condiment. I will allow it as a sandwich ingredient, but a condiment???

Would you put ketchup on a peanut butter sandie? Or ranch dressing? Heck no!! Same with Connecticut. Their favorite is Nutella. THIS IS NOT A CONDIMENT!!!! I'm all for polls that choose the favorite so and so in any given place, but really, whoever decided either of these things were condiments should be dragged behind a wagon during a chase scene in an Wild West movie.

If I can find only one saving grace about this situation, is that Maine seems to be the only place in the country that has such an intense infatuation with Fluff. So i feel it makes us a bit more special. It's like we know something the rest of the country doesn't, and it's all ours. And frankly, I'd just as soon keep it that way.

So when you get home tonight and whip up a delicious Fluffernutter for yourself, spin around in circles in your kitchen and just symbolically flip the bird to the rest of the country, yelling the word "SUCKAS!!!"

Trust me, you will feel much better about the world as we know it.


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