A Freeport girl and her pet duck made an appearance on the Steve Harvey-hosted show 'Little Big Shots' Sunday.

Six-year-old Kylie Brown was introduced to Snowflake in 2015, when the duck was just a duckling. A video of the pair went viral, with people charmed by the fact that the little duckling immediately imprinted on the little girl, following her everywhere. That hasn't changed as the duck has matured. Snowflake, as the duck is called, follows Kylie wherever she goes.

The pair appeared on 'Little Big Shots' on Sunday and, for once, Kylie had to pick Snowflake up and carry him to her seat. Apparently, he's a little camera shy. He was charming, once he got out there, and followed Steve Harvey and his Kylie around the stage. For anyone who didn't see the episode, the big question is...Did Steve Harvey kiss the duck? Check out the video to find out!

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