I've mentioned on several occasions that I moved back up here from southern Maine about 5 years ago. When I was down there, there was some sort of awesome, arty, cultural event of some kind going on. When we moved back up here, we were a little bit bummed that there wasn't more stuff like that to do. Don't get me wrong, I love the symphony, the theater, going to shows on the waterfront, etc... And in the last couple years, things have really started to come alive a bit here in town.

On October 5th, the Bangor Arts Exchange will be hosting an open house / ARTober kickoff with Launchpad and the Bangor Symphony Orchestra. Tickets are available ahead of time, but the event is free. There will presentations and performances of all types such as the Symphony, Bangor Ballet, and the Focus Group.

It's not often enough in our big little town that we can get out and enjoy an evening of total immersion in the local arts. And....it's free! If the ticket was any cheaper, they'd have to pay you to go. Plus, there will be some light refreshments to nosh on while you're supporting Bangor's arts community. So get out and and enjoy yourself, would ya?!

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