Nobody knows how to harness the positive energy in the world quite like Kenny Chesney, as he'll demonstrates once again with his new single, "Get Along."

The song is intended as a balm for these troubled times.

"Get along on down the road/ We’ve got a long, long way to go/ Scared to live, scared to die/ We ain’t perfect, but we try… ," Chesney sings in the chorus.

"Some days, it’s like the world is just angry, screaming people,” the superstar says in a press release. "All harping on what’s wrong, how other people are awful. The more I move around, talking to people, though, the more I know people are seeking the same thing, working hard to get by and hoping for the best for their family and friends. It’s simple, but we keep getting driven apart — and made unhappy."

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"When I heard this song, beyond how good the rhythm felt, I was amazed how simply they broke all this stuff down," Chesney adds. "Get along … find the common ground … know the basic stuff is where the joy, the love, the happiness is."

It's not unusual for Chesney to use his music to try to bring people together.

"To me, music is what you make it, and I want music that sounds good, but also gives you permission to really live,” he reflects. "I think we can get so caught up in expectations, our own and other people’s, and we forget what matters."

The country superstar hopes "Get Along" can help salve the wounds of some of the harder debates going on in American culture right now. Shane McAnally, Ross Copperman and Josh Osborne collaborated on the feel-good anthem.

"You know, the song says, 'You find out when you die, the keys to heaven can’t be bought / We still don’t know what love is, but we sure know what it’s not…' That’s real. We’re here such a short time, this song reminds us all how to get together, get along and enjoy the ride," he says.

Chesney will release "Get Along" to country radio on Friday (April 6).

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