In Maine, a sharp uptick in vehicle crashes involving moose tends to peak in June.

Most Mainers have a story or two of driving down the road and having a deer or moose jaywalk into the road. For some it's a story of a close call, for others it's the story of a wrecked vehicle. Crashes involving moose begins to uptick in March, peaking in May and June.

The Maine Department of Transportation encourages motorists to pay extra attention when driving between dusk and dawn. They add that moose often travel in groups. If you see one in the road, more may be following.

According to Maine DOT data collected from 2011-2015 shows Aroostook county leading the state by a large margin in moose related crashes, followed by Penobscot county. Vehicle crashes involving deer tend to drastically increase September through November. Cumberland county leads the state in deer related crashes, closely followed by Penobscot county.

Earlier this week, State Police responded to a collision involving a moose on Interstate 95 in Scarborough. The 23 year-old driver and the two other occupants in the vehicle were transported to Maine Medical Center in Portland with non-life-threatening injuries.

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