Happy Endings Martini, Tapas & Dessert Bar in Bangor is gearing up for a special fundraiser event on Thursday, April 13th at 6 p.m. to benefit Service Dog Strong, an organization that pairs rescue dogs with survivors of sexual assault and military sexual trauma who have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and facilitate the training to transform the rescues into fully-fledged service dogs. They’re calling it “Service Dogs and Survivors: Pairing Rescue Dogs with Veterans Fundraiser.” The function, which encourages guests to arrive in classic black-and-white attire, promises an evening of live jazz music and delicious martinis, and given the venue, I have no doubts about the latter.

In addition to the rousing lineup, the event will feature two special guests: Penny and her service dog Caramel, and they will share more about Service Dog Strong's mission. Folks can also enjoy a cash bar and purchase menu items while reveling in the elegant black-and-white ambiance for memorable photo ops.

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If you can’t make it on Thursday, you can still contribute to the cause by purchasing tickets as a donation. All ticket sales will go towards supporting the Service Dog Strong organization.

This shindig is a unique opportunity to support a good, worthwhile cause while enjoying a fun, jazz-filled evening. If you’re down for some good drinks, food, music, and (most importantly) vibes, don't forget to save the date because this promises to be full of excitement and of course also serves a great, local cause as well.

Tickets are $25 and can be found on Happy Endings Martini, Tapas & Dessert Bar’s Facebook page.


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