A very rare sight in the night sky is coming this weekend.

This month you wont want to miss a rare 'Super Blood Wolf Moon' eclipse. The full moon will be tinted sunset red overnight, January 20 into 21. The peak on the eclipse will be at 12:16 a.m., Jan. 21. The total lunar eclipse will last for an hour and two minutes.

As for its name, the term 'blood moon' refers to the moon's red color as it enters Earth's shadow during a lunar eclipse. A 'super moon' refers to how big the moon appears in the sky. During a 'super moon' the moon reaches its closest orbit to Earth. The 'Wolf Moon' is the name some Native American groups gave the January full moon.

The total lunar eclipse will be the last until May 2021, according to Space.com.

With a winter storm expected this weekend, viewing this incredible sight may be difficult or impossible through the cloud cover.

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