Jana Kramer pours her heart out in a way she never has before in her new song, "I've Done Love."

While the track opens with a breezy, bubbly beat, the first verse paints a dark picture of someone brutalized by love, comparing the experience to that of hard drugs. The lyrics are creative, yet delivered in an honest and raw fashion. "I've Done Love" could very well be inspired by Kramer's own past trauma and heartache, making for a real and compelling country song.

We've all been burned by love, and Kramer makes you feel her troubled journey as she uses analogies to drinking and drugs to bring her emotional pain to life. "Just 'cause my skin don't know the sting of a needle / That don't mean that I don't know the pain / Cause I've taken hits / Woke up hung over / Gone on benders / Stone cold sober," Kramer sings in "I've Done Love."

As she leaves listeners with the thought-provoking last line, "I've done love or has it done me? Kramer proves that she has the ability to turn her painful memories into a convincing country song and deliver it with genuine  raw conviction.

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Did You Know?: Kramer revealed in 2016 that her first husband was so abusive, he went to prison for trying to kill her.

Jana Kramer's "I've Done Love" Lyrics:

Just 'cause I don't wake up with a bottle / And my blood don't know the fire of cocaine / Just 'cause my skin don't know the sting of a needle / That don't mean that I don't know the pain.


'Cause I've taken hits, woke up hungover / Gone on benders stone cold sober / Slammed the door right off the hinges / Hotel rooms and midnight binges / Wrecked my life, had too much / Of things I swore I'd never touch / So don't tell me I've never done the hard stuff / 'Cause I've done love / I've done love.

I don't get my fix in some back alley / My tongue still knows the taste of ecstasy / We're all on the road to chasing happy / But it ain't a thrill inside a pill that makes a junkie out of me.

Love, love what I need / Up so high, but on my knees / In the dark and on the street / I've done love, or has it done me.

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